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Silencer (over barrel) excludes fitting 34


Depending on calibre and ammunition type, decibel reduction can range from 22-30 db. 

Depending on calibre and bullet weight, recoil reduction can be up to 70%.


Suppressors can be fit over all sporter weight and heavy barrelled rifles.  All imperial and metric thread sizes are offered from as small as M12x1.0 to M20x1.0 and ½ 28 tpi to ¾ nf. 

The rear of the suppressor has a removable acetal bushing to be machined to accept the barrel profile.

With barrel isolating tubes fitted to our suppressors as a standard item, fluted and triangular barrels are suppressed with no issue.


Our suppressors are of baffle-less design.  The internal is constructed from a solid billet of 7075-T6 aluminium from Germany, CNC machined into an intricate style of muzzle break with gas traps.  This method of construction minimises the number of parts by approximately 80% (when compared to a baffled suppressor) and maintains suppressor bore alignment.

The threaded section that screws onto your barrel and the muzzle end of the unit; are the same piece of material.  This is then sleeved with the outer tube manufactured from 2024-T3 aluminium also from Germany.

All parts are then anodised to either standard or hard face finish with three choices of colour; black, satin silver or olive drab. 

All Rimfire silencers are of a two part construction.  These are easily broken down for servicing by the user.  Centre-fire suppressors are sealed units with little maintenance required.

With advanced manufacturing techniques such as these we can afford to fabricate with tighter dimensional bore tolerances, offering greater recoil and decibel reduction while at the same time increasing structural strength and reducing unit weight.
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