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Gunworks .22mag/.22LR 6" muzzleforward suppressor (unfitted - standalone)

At GUNWORKS CANTERBURY, we have a solution to the .22 Magnum & .22 LR bark, using 7075 Tooling Plate aluminium (same as M16 rifles are made from) and Stainless baffles, we can reduce the blast of the .22 Magnum by about half.

Cost of the suppressor only $155.25 including GST.
Freight $4.50 including GST nationwide
Thread of the suppressor is standard 1/2x20 UNF.

This is a high quality item, polished anodised body and a knurled section for easy fitting.

Your muzzle can be threaded by any gunsmith, but be aware that the baffle clearances are very tight, so threading needs to be done completely with the lathe tool, no die nuts!

Colours available: Black or Silver
Weight: 210 grams
Length: 150mm approx
35mm DIA approx
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